About Apostle Johnson Suleman

The President Omega Fire Ministries World Wide

Apostle Johnson Suleman stands as a beacon of faith and humanitarianism, whose life journey encapsulates the essence of diversity and dedication. Born on March 24 to Mr. and Mrs. Imoudu Sule, his unique upbringing in a household divided by faith – a Muslim father and a Christian mother – bestowed upon him a broad spiritual horizon. This early exposure to both religions carved his path towards embracing Christian principles, guided by his mother’s teachings.

Embarking on an academic journey, Apostle Suleman pursued and attained a first degree in Mass Communication, followed by a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. His quest for knowledge didn’t stop there; he further obtained two Doctorate Degrees, one in Human Resource Management and another in Theology. Recognizing his profound passion for global evangelism and charity, he was awarded an Honorary Professorship in Word Missions and Evangelism.

Beyond his spiritual calling, Apostle Suleman is a seasoned entrepreneur, serving as the Chairman/Chief Executive of Hosanna Conglomerate, which spans across Media, Housing, Real Estates, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Education, Tourism & Hotels, and more. He is also at the helm of Celebration Television Network, a rapidly expanding TV station reaching over 150 nations and connecting with an average of 300 million viewers across Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, and Australia.

A respected member of several professional bodies within and outside Nigeria, Apostle Suleman’s early years were marked by an undying zeal for evangelism. Inspired by the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, he traveled across Nigeria, spreading hope, healing, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. This journey led him to found Omega Fire Ministry on February 1st, 2004, in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria. Under his leadership, the ministry witnessed exponential growth, establishing branches in over 50 nations within a year.

Apostle Suleman’s compassion extends beyond preaching; he founded “Touch of Love Foundation,” a charity organization through which he offers scholarships, supports the elderly, aids artisans, and conducts numerous philanthropic activities. His commitment to uplifting the needy, irrespective of their religious beliefs or nationality, has made a significant impact across Africa and beyond.

In recognition of his humanitarian efforts, Apostle Suleman has received numerous awards, including Honorary Citizenship from the State of South Carolina and the City of Stone Crest, Atlanta, USA. He was also honored with an Honorary Doctorate degree and an Award for his Humanitarian works from Trinity International University of Ambassadors, USA.

Married to Evangelist Dr. (Mrs.) Lizzy Johnson Suleman, their union is blessed with six children: God’s Favour, Divine, Love, Mirabel, Ebenezer, and Excel. Together, they continue to inspire and touch lives around the globe, embodying the essence of love, service, and spiritual leadership.