Omega Fire Ministries International

A Beacon of Divine Transformation
Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) stands at the forefront of spiritual awakening and divine transformation, embarking on its sacred mission since its inception in 2004 by the visionary leader, Apostle Professor Johnson Suleman. With the profound mandate to “end afflictions & produce people of fire,” OFM has illuminated the path for countless souls across the globe, guiding them towards spiritual liberation and empowerment.

Our Core Beliefs

The Transforming Power of God’s Love: At the heart of OFM’s message is the life-altering power of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. We champion the transformative grace of God, inviting all to experience His boundless love and mercy.

Spiritual Growth and Empowerment: We are dedicated to nurturing believers in their faith journey, offering a spectrum of ministries and resources aimed at holistic spiritual and practical development.

Miracles and Holy Spirit Encounter:

OFM firmly believes in the active, miraculous works of the Holy Spirit today. We stand witness to God’s supernatural intervention and invite all to partake in the experience of divine miracles.

Community and Fellowship: In our congregation, you’ll find a warm, embracing community. OFM is a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual growth, fellowship, and avenues to serve humanity with Christ’s love.

What We Offer

Vibrant Worship Experiences: Step into our services to engage in dynamic worship, compelling sermons, and heartfelt prayers that seek to connect every soul directly to the heart of God.

Diverse Ministries: From youth to adults, OFM’s array of ministries addresses the spiritual needs of every age group and walk of life, fostering a supportive environment for personal and communal faith development.

Teachings and Spiritual Resources: With a wealth of teachings and resources, OFM equips believers with the biblical wisdom and practical insights needed for a victorious Christian life and to face life’s myriad challenges with faith and confidence.

Our Global Footprint

Omega Fire Ministries transcends geographical boundaries with its global network of branches. Our commitment to spreading the Gospel far and wide drives us to make a lasting impact on communities around the world, sowing seeds of faith, hope, and love.

Your Invitation

Are you in pursuit of:

A tangible experience of God’s presence and glory?
A community where your faith can flourish alongside fellow believers?
Resources and teachings to navigate your spiritual and daily life with purpose?
Look no further. Omega Fire Ministries warmly welcomes you into our fold. Explore our website or locate a branch near you to connect with us. Together, let’s ignite your faith journey, transform your life, and set ablaze a trail of divine purpose and calling.

Join Omega Fire Ministries International, where every soul is ignited with the fire of God’s love, and every life is transformed.

Join Omega Fire Ministries International, where every soul is ignited with the fire of God’s love, and every life is transformed.