About Pastor Paul Chris-Salaam

 the ofm america National Pastor

Pastor Paul Chris-Salaam, the National Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) New York and the esteemed National Coordinator of the Mega Crusade is a figure of profound faith and multifaceted talent. Born into the rich cultural tapestry of West Africa, Pastor Paul Chris-Salaam’s journey to faith and leadership is nothing short of remarkable. At the tender age of sixteen, he embarked on a life-changing journey to the United States, transitioning from a devout Muslim upbringing to embracing Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

His academic and spiritual quest led him to attain several certifications in Theology, including a distinguished Doctorate Degree, alongside pursuing a degree in Human Services at Metropolitan College of New York. Pastor Salaam’s early ministry work, marked by his tenure as Assistant Director of the Sunday School Department at Calvary Worship Center in Staten Island, showcased his profound commitment to youth and service to God. His dedication soon saw him advocating for the youth at Covenant House, representing them on Capitol Hill to ensure their voices were heard and respected.

A natural entrepreneur, Pastor Salaam’s business acumen flourished as he successfully managed the multi-million dollar ‘Nada Business Group’, demonstrating his innate leadership and marketing skills. His entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there; he founded JC Salaam Marketing Incorporated, a testament to his ability to blend spiritual calling with business innovation. This duality of purpose is further evidenced in his establishment of Chris Global Net, a real estate venture, reflecting his belief in dominion not just as a spiritual concept but as a tangible reality through business, housing, and land.

In 2015, Pastor Chris-Salaam’s spiritual journey took a pivotal turn as he assumed leadership of Omega Fire Ministries in America. Under his stewardship, the ministry experienced exponential growth, expanding from a single branch in Brooklyn, NY, to 42 churches and worship centers nationwide. His visionary leadership is driven by a passion for equipping the body of Christ across denominations, nurturing spiritual sons and daughters through his commitment to teaching and mentoring.

Married to the accomplished Dr. Motunrayo Salaam, Pastor Chris-Salaam’s life is a testament to the power of faith, love, and unwavering commitment to service. Together, they reside in Newyork, where Pastor Chris-Salaam continues to influence through his roles as a poet, teacher, preacher, author, and humanitarian.

Pastor Paul Chris Salaam’s life philosophy embodies a critical, yet open-minded approach to faith and leadership. He stands as a beacon of hope and guidance, advocating for a vision that transcends religious, political, and societal boundaries. His work, both in the pulpit and in the community, underscores the greatness of America not in its might but in its values; the promise of Africa not in its resources but in its people; and the essence of the church not as a place of perfection but as a furnace of perfecting.

His is a vision dedicated to actualizing dreams, embodying excellence in service, and extending the love and dominion of God to every corner of society. Pastor Paul Chris-Salaam’s dynamic leadership at OFM New York and beyond serves as a profound call to action: to live a life defined by faith, vision, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.